Database Creation & Management

Database Creation & Management Many site owners rely on databases to hold prudent information describing customers and products. Proper setup, management, and security are essentials. Let's Do It!

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A Few Things To Consider When Launching A Database

  • How many customers you will need to service?
  • How much data will be managed?
  • How quick do customers expect a response?
  • Is the database scalable enough to handle growth?

Overview of Databases We Work With

MySQL is a relational database that uses (SQL) the most popular language for managing, modifying, and retrieving content from a database. Data is stored in tables to eliminate duplication; helping to stimulate data consistency and reliability. MySQL is suitable for web sites with lots of customers and large volumes of data. Facebook and Twitter are examples of websites that have high levels of traffic and large amounts of data.

MongoDB is a NoSQL database that holds related data in single documents rather than tables. Data of any structure can be captured with quick and easy access. SQL is not utilized as a query language. The concept of Mongo is to scale horizontaly for fast retrieval. Expedia and Metlife are of websites appropriate for MongoDB.