Privacy Policy

This privacy policy contains information related to the sharing and usage of information collected from current customers, potential customers, or any others visitors of this website.

1. None of the information provided by current customers, potential customers, or website visitors will be shared with a third party for marketing purposes unless a written consent is provided in advance.

2. Information collected from customers ordering a product or service will only be utilized to complete processing related to billing, administration, and product or service support.

3. We will not use information collected from website visitors to promote or solicit sales. Traffic analysis will be the only usage of the collected information.

4. There are situations in which contracts occur with third parties to supply products or services to Dropkit Technologies. During these situations, all third parties are required to enter a contract or adhere to other obligations to ensure personal information remains private. These contracts and/or obligations are legal agreements that prevent privacy breaches and ensures accountability in the court of law.

5.Mailing lists are preserved by Dropkit Technologies to keep customers updated on topics such as product offerings or service offerings. This may lead to the generation of emails from Dropkit Technologies to customers. However, customers can choose to remove their contact information from the mailing list by unsubscribing.

6. There may be times when Dropkit Technologies will share critical information regarding products and or services with customers. These communications are not considered spam or breaches of this privacy policy yet are necessary to ensure customers are informed in case impact occurs to their product or service.

7. It is the sole responsibility of the customers to manage any private or personal information contained on their website.

8. Dropkit Technologies will strive to protect the confidentiality of customers' information, account information and personal communications stored within our service and administration infrastructure. Dropkit Technologies will use appropriate processes and systems such as data encryption, firewalls, user authentication and verification protocols to protect customer information from misuse, loss and unauthorized access or modification.

9. By using our website and/or services, you consent to the collection and use of information by Dropkit Technologies ® as specified above.

10. We reserve the right to amend this Privacy Policy at any time for any reason. It is our recommendation that you review our privacy policy often to remain updated regarding the changes. We will provide explanations for amendments as much as possible.

11. Contact us by phone or by email if you have any questions regarding this Privacy Policy. Click here to ask questions via our contact form.